anchor options.....

I hate loose line, the trolley system
also allows me to anchor stern or bow, even both if I desire. No reaching, just pull on the trolley cord. I like the fact that I can put more scope on the anchor line without carrying more rope so it reaches to the cockpit or seat. Besides, its a neat little add on. As for the canoe, the nice thing about it is it runs underneath the gunnels and thwarts so is really out of the way.

Among kayak fishiermen, I will say
its a love/hate relationship. Plenty of debate, sorta a skeg vs rudder thing, but it doesn’t come as near to blows as that one does. The real question is why someone will pay $50 for a damn Tilley.

I have yet to see one for under $65.
But haven’t looked after that first one I saw at Gander mountain. Nice hats, and for $20, I’d buy one, but not for 3x that . . . .

You’ve made my point, just not worth
it. Oh, they say that if you lose it, Tilley will replace it for $25. Meanwhile, I’ve bought 5 hats for $15 each that float and have a UPF of 30. Of course, I’m a bit of a cheapskate if it won’t catch fish.

I’m a bit of a cheap skate
even if it will. I carry only cheap gear, rods, tackle, even lures. Lost a rod last summer; big deal, it cost $25 rod and reel.

Just splurged and bought three buzz baits for around $3 ea. I usually just use tube lures because their like 40-50¢ ea. I lose two to three or more per outing, so I don’t spend much on lures, but thought I’d try some buzz baits and be careful casting only where I know there’s no underwater hazards.

Fishing is a hobby for me, not a sport, not a way of life. I like to enjoy my hobbies, not work to pay for them. I’d rather spend my money on a trip to Disney for my kids than an expensive kayak and a bunch of gear.

College funds need work too. Just not enough to go around spending big bucks on my toys . . . .