And so it begins.

Hey Rookie, I’m in central North Carolina and we’ve had a really mild winter. Water temp is coming up quickly. (Thirty two degrees is scary cold.)

“The dogs bark, and the caravan moves on”.

Such deaths are reported every year. They will continue to occur, and continue to be reported. They make good copy for newspaper, and there is a plethora of prospective victims.


The body of the missing kayaker was found this afternoon, nearly a month after his capsize.

Beach, 28, was an avid fisherman and veteran who loved to take his dog “Fancy” on runs. Beach served two tours in Iraq as an explosive ordnance specialist and was awarded a bronze star. In recent time, he had connected with the local Team Red, White and Blue chapter, a group that honors veterans and promotes fitness and camaraderie. :’(

through all that only to die in a kayak sadly. God Bless

@eckilson said: said:
80 degrees Sunday 44* water temps in NY people will think ME Nuts with a drysuit on.

In southern New England the water is now in the high 40’s to low 50’s. We had a couple of swimmers in wetsuits on Sunday, and they were pretty chilled by the time they got out of the water. Air temp’s were in the high 70’s. I had my drysuit with fleece liner and felt fine. It’s still only April. Around here we will be wearing drysuits for at least other month - sea kayakers longer than that.

mine suit is on till 65* then tropos pants till 70* with a top.