Another load assist

Has anyone ever used the Rhino Rack Nautic Lifter? It seems like it would work well, though only one boat could be carried.

Never seen one

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But I looked it up its around 600 bucks and looks like a pain to use. Get yourself a Thule Slipstream for much less and be done. Malone makes something like that BUT those kind you have to put these big things that go on the side of vehicle inside you vehicle taking up space and look to be slow to load the kayak.

EDIT: I didn't realize this thing has a winch with it. Way over kill unless your disabled in some way.Plus I do see it stores the load bars on the roof rack too.

Good and bad
I disagree with one post above - the whole point of going to an assist system is to reduce the weight the person is carrying. Personally I have no problem with the amount of weight the winch system carries.

But note that the guy is using a plastic boat, without the kind of deck rigging you see on sea kayaks. Or a recessed compass.

Also note that the boat is not being mounted on or against a further support on the roof via this action, such as a Jbar or saddles or stackers. It looks like it could be a challenge for a person of shorter stature to lift the front end of the boat onto or into such a structure on a taller roof (stern end is likely accessible with a step stool).

A lot of this goes to whether this system works for a composite sea kayak or the plastic boat. I would have to pad those aluminum rails to use it with my composite kayaks. I question how well things would slide after such modification.

There is the setup issue, I would have to relocate my car in most places to get the real estate for the slide. But I often do that anyway to reduce my carry or to be able to have the stern of the boat on grass before sending up onto the roof. So I am not sure that is a major isse.

Thanks for the responses. DC9, the way I was looking at it, it could be overkill now, but as I age maybe not so much.

But Celia, your well thought out analysis hit some very valid points. Yes, the kayaks I have would have some rigging so I don’t know how that would work out. And padding could compromise the functionality.

Insofar as the comment about jracks, it looks like the kayak would be loaded onto a flat carrier, so I am not sure that I understand that comment.

Here is the youtube link for anyone else who might want to chime in -

Flat carrier is the problem
My boats are composite, they have to sit on something that pads them from a metal rail. Saddles, padded bar area against a stacker or something. I don’t see a great way to get the bow up on such a support if it is a really tall vehicle. With the roller-loader I use, I drop the bow onto that support as part of sliding it up from the rear.

roller loader
Celia, which roller loader do you use? I was thinking about the Malone Telos too.

Amagansett Roller Loader

The 8 inch wheels are OK for the Rav4, a bigger overhang in back might move me to the 10 inch wheels

Have gotten more expensive - I know we paid under $100 by more than a few pennies. But that was over a decade ago. Still works as well, would not know it was that old.