Any fly fishers out there?

Sheldon is 20 miles from my house.
Until school starts back…I think August 14th or there abouts, almost any day, almost any time is good. I’m retired, so other than some child care duties with my granson, whom we raise, I’m pretty free. After school starts, I become a bus for my grandson.

Where do you think I got my p-net
login from? Flyfishing from a Kayak…

Wonderful… Especially Seatrout and Reds on a flyrod… :wink:


I wuz wonderin bout dat. Tanks fer susplainin! :wink:

What’s the best fly for eatin sized reds on your coast?

A local pattern called an Electric
Chicken believe it or not, followed closely by a standard chartreuse and white Clouser or Deceiver.

The Electric Chicken is a Clouser or Deceiver with a Hot Pink mylar yarn head and Chartreuse body and tail.

What about in Lousyannna?


Thought open water meant ice off
It took me a minute of disorientation to figure out what you meant by open water. Some of our high lakes are just coming ice free this week. The trout in them are voracious since they don’t have much of the year without a roof over their heads and they really go after anything that looks like a bug. Usually a stiff hike steep uphill to get to them up about timberline or so.

Ice is hardly a problem, lol!
The water down here warms up from the mid 50’s in the dead of winter,(which is cold by Texas standards) to upper 80’s low 90’s on the surface. We have some invasive water weeds that will choke the life out of a lake or pond. Actaully a little ice right now would feel pretty darn good, it is hot and humid as heck and the yard needs to be mowed. 3 more months of jungle weather. The good side, the surf fishing is getting really good. I hope to have a 9 wt rig by next weekend. Some Spanish Mackeral and Specked trout are on the to catch list.

Saltwater flyfisher
I use the yak to fish the Salt up here in Ma. Great fun. Used to do alot of fresh water trout fishing . Still miss it from time to time.


Local faovrites…

As far as I know, the fly linked below is the #1 red-killer in Loozyanna.

It’s like redfish crack. If they see it… they’re gonna eat it.

The fly-spoon is followed by the good ole chartruese & white Pensacola clouser which also does well with spotted sea trout, flounder and spanish mackerel.

Deceivers are also popular.

Pink Charlies do well also. They’re probably used as often, if not more often, than deceivers. They’re small enough to catch sheephead and frequently attract flounder too.

Most of the above is based on research as I’m still a rookie w/ the fly-rod.

Fishing in the canoe

This may sound like a travel brochure, but I must say that I live in one of the most incredible regions of the U.S. for fishing/hunting out of a canoe. I grew up on the Current River in Missouri. We have a diverse number of fish and game to take from the canoe, but the scenery is truly the best part of it. I have fly fished for 12+ years and have fished all over North America and caught some fine fish, but I still find myself going back to my homewaterstimeand time again. I now live in St. Louis and Work as a park ranger but I go home and fish the Current, Eleven Point, and St. Francois Rivers for premier small mouth, rainbows, browns, large mouth, and crappie. In response to your question, I love to canoe fish. I usually spinfish out of the canoe if I’m going to flyfish I want to be out of the boat and in the stream. The current is usually to fast to mend line and avoid obstacles. Anyway, I like to brag on my home waters. If you ever get the chance to canoe Missouri I would Suggest anyone of those three rivers I mentioned. Tight lines to all y’all.

Howdy Ranger
I would love to get up to some of those rivers to canoe, fly fish and camp as well. The canoe is my craft of choice as well, even fly fishing as most of my home water is flat and non-moving with the exception of tidal currents. A simple anchor or cajun toothpick is all that is typically needed. How is fall for fishing up there? Is the water level ok?

Howdy back!
First i would like to know were you’re from. I am would assume from the east coast or gulf coast. I response to your question, Fall is the best tome of year as far as I’m concerened. After Summer has gone and past, Fall sets in and around late September to early October the fly fishing becomes amazing. I used to fall into the trap of going in the Summer like most other tourists, but after working for the ONSR National Park Service which encompasses all of the Current River from its start at Montauk to below Van

Buren. I realized that its impossible to battle the Summer time terrorists/tourists. Your fishing time consists of about two to three hours of quiet time on the water and then the aluminum hatch comes out in full force. Don’t get me wrong Summertime is a great time to go but I would just as well canoe all day and take in the scenery as to cast my line into the canoe fifteen yards beside, in front of, and behinf me.

There are great fish to be caught in the Summer as well but I know that when the tourists go home at the end of summer, and the water temp drops in the fall as well as the oxygen level rises in the water, thats when the rainbows and browns come out in fine form. I f you enjoy bass fishing then you’ll neer find aq better time to go smallmouth fishing. Well. go to hear from ya hope to chat more, untill then tight lines to all y’all.

P.S. If any of yall are from the Georgia/Florida Coast I have a freind down there that just started a brand new kayak coastal fishing website.

If anyone is interested let me know and I’ll get the web address for you. This guy is tuly amazing on the flyrod.

Re:Howdy Ranger
I am from S.E. Texas, 'bout 30 miles from Galveston, so most of my targeted fish are toothy critters, spec, redfish spanish macs and anything else that will hit a fly and of course warm water fishes, bass , blue gill and the like. I hear you about summer crowds, can’t stand them, but as long as the kids are in school, summer is it for now, but I can make solo trips as well. Fall in the Ozarks sounds perfect, I have to get there one of these days and soon!

I am still learning the saltwater aspect of fly fishing, I really like it though, and there are not a lot of trees to hang your flies up on down on the coast, pretty much wide open unless you get back into some of the bayous.

A great Link
I know of one great fly fisher who has opened my eyes to the sport of kayak fly fishing. His name is Capt. Greg Bowdish. And he is also an Ocean Kayak pro-staffer. Check out this link to get to know him.

He is also teaching in Florida in October.

I’m trying to be

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Just bought a fly rod and a few saltwater flys today. We'll see how they work past the breakers Saturday.

Reef, being right on the bay, you’ve
one of the best places to fish for reds and trout. For practice, run over to Galveston Isle State Park and fish the freshwater ponds, get a few small poppers, maybe the Arcaddo Miss Prissy for the bream in those ponds. More fun that shooting at monkeys in a barrel.

Fly fishing
i’ve been ff’ing for ~20yrs. i love fishing bamboo anfd fiberglass rods…they seem to fit with a nice canoe, that slow action. i do a lot of sm bassing in the summer as well as tout in the spring/fall, steelhead once in a while.

Cheap gear V.S. pricy
I have both and the fish can’t tell the difference. About a month ago I took my old Eagle Claw convertable fly/spin pack rod out with a less than $100 reel, old line, misc. flys and yaked up stream of a little lake to the first beaver dam. Had the time of my life reeling in trout at that magic hour before dusk. Life’s fun, get out there!

I fly fish. My target fish are trout and pan fish. I just started last year to go for bass and I want to try steelhead and salmon.

I got into canoes by accident. I wanted a light boat to fly fish from.

So, I’m the posterboy for Sportspal canoes,which are great for my purpose.

Right now, all of my rods are Orvis, because two company owned stores are near where I live.

Orvis introduces new stuff in the fall, so late July/early August are the best time for sales. They put rods on sale that are being replaced by the newer high-tech model.

Currently I own and use a 3, 4 2-5wt, and an 8 wt rods. I like fast-medium action rods. I’m not to keen on the Sage suoer-fast rods.