anyone have a broken paddle shaft?

I am trying to make two take apart greenland aleut hybrid paddles and want to use a part of a paddle shaft as a ferrule. (this is shown on the Tom Yost site heep://

I used a 3 dollar piece of 2 x4 and I refuse to send 22 bucks for an aluminum ferrule or 45 for a graphite one…sort of defeats the purpose of a cheap paddle. So does anyone have an old broken fiberglass, carbon or even aluminum paddle shaft that you would be willing to give up? I only need about 10 inches for each paddle and a sacrificial piece the same size I can hold in place while sanding.

Be happy to pay for shipping etc.


I can cut of a piece of an aquabound
shaft, Paul.

I was in the…
…same situation, and used an old, but lightweight high quality broken bicycle seat post made of aluminium. Just happened to fit inside my Patasi shaft (27.2mm) And, was able to use a bicycle seat clamp as well!

You DID say cheap!

BB, check your email

got it thanks. NM

while you’re at it
why don’t you ask if anyone’s got a broken GP too? Could save yourself a lot of work …