Anyone tested Impex Force 4 yet?

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Pardon me if already posted, but search had no results.

Has anyone had the chance to test out Impex's new Force 4?

These appear to be the latest specs as from several dealers, pardon me Impex if this is not the latest production version.


Length: 18'0"
Width: 20.75
Sternhatch: 5170 cu. in.
Dayhatch: 2350 cu. in.
Depth: 13
Rudder & Skeg: Skeg
Paddler Weight 170 - 210 lbs
Cockpit Dimensions 33"L x 17"W

but I am keeping me mouth shut.


actually it’s quite nice.



Those measurements right?
Huge cockpit and higher foredeck than my QCC. Looses appeal…

The Force kayaks are supposed to be expedition kayaks. They have over 80 gallons of volume compared to the Outer Island which is in the 40s. (I got volume numbers off various websites. Correct me if I’m wrong.)

specs by local dealer

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Who knows if this is THE scoop, but my local dealer lists volume as

90 gallons total, day hatch as 2350, stern as 5170, Bow hatch as 3525.

wow big…

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Ok, I just did some number crunching based on your numbers, the numbers on Impex's site, and the numbers on NDK's site.

Regarding storage, the Impex OI has about 30.2 gallons of storage space, the NDK Explorer has about 41.4 gallons of storage space, and the Force kayaks has around 47.8 gallons of storage space.

Since the OI and the CD Rumour are the top two on my potential purchase list, I think I can easily disqualify the Force as I definitely am not looking for an expedition kayak. Still I would love to try it out and if anyone has experiences with them, what are your thoughts in regards to it's speed, rollability, surfing performance, etc?

Force 3
My understanding is the Force 3 is low volume.

the only numbers I could find…
Overall Volume- 85 US gallons

Front Storage- 3290 cubic inches

Day Hatch- 2115 cubic inches

Rear Hatch- 4465 cubic inches

That would convert to around 42 gallons of storage which would put the Force 3 on par with the Explorer for storage space. Of course volume is a misleading number at times as the kayak could still be low volume from a cockpit stand point but have tons of storage space in the form of flared bow and stern, etc.

Marshall, I know you’ve tried both these kayaks and probably already have them in your fleet. We need feedback please!

the numbers have changed!
I just realized that this has all changed! There are three models, the Force 3, 4, and 5. Now whether this is current information or not, I cannot say, but I know for sure there will be both a Force 3 and 4 model. The numbers I posted may indeed be the Force 5 specs.

I will be talking with Danny later today and get back if it is OK for me to do so. Sorry if I may have muddied the waters rather than clarified anything folks.


i saw the dimensions
on the cat 3 on a spec sheet at our dealer in kzoo.

cat 3 16’7" long

20 inches wide

11 inch foredeck.

platter hatches fore and aft.

So not sure where you’re getting your stats.

But the cockpit size…
So far I haven’t seen cockpit dimensions on the Force 3. Assuming the rest of the boat is low volume as promised, if the targeted paddler can’t catch more than a knee brace and has to be awkwardly spread out to do it the rest of the boat’s size matters little…

I understand what you mean, BUT, impex cockpits are pretty small by most standards, I think the cockpit will be like it is on a mystic or montauk. the montauk cockpit is quite short. Compared to say a valley or my silhouette.

But it is a keyhole and not an ocean, or even a large ocean like a betsie bay or older foster kayak.

Try it out before categorically dismissing it. You can do a lot with minicell foam now a days.

I plan to
I do want to try out the Force 3, in fact would have driven somewhere to do so by now if anyone had one. I just wanted to mention the cockpit size because, while most people pay good attention to the idea of the boat’s size compared to the paddler’s weight and height, as above they usually forget about the cockpit area fitting the paddler’s body properly.

My husband did, I think, ask Impex whether the cockpit of the Force 3 would be smaller-sized, but no answer on that.

My expedition boat is an Explorer LV, lowered deck and an extra small keyhole cockpit that a lot of guys can’t even get their hips thru, so I am spoiled by great contact.

for now
think of the cockpit on the mystic or the montauk as comparison, if you see one, get in it!

Back to the original question…
It doesn’t seem that anyone has actually demo’d one of these boats yet. 'Zat so? I know that at least one recently landed at a dealer’s in upstate NY, but it was very recently.

I’m guessing that was…
Marshall and The River Connection who got those kayaks! I think Marshall’s holding out on us! We need some reviews! :slight_smile:

demo of cat 5 at least
I demoed a cat 5 today. It had a prototype seat in it, alas is was placed higher than the production seat will be.

To be fair it was predictable and edged and turned well. That said I was quite disappointed. It (I am 6’ 3" and 179 lbs) It required quite allot of paddle pressure to scull, the secondary stability was somewhat unpredictable, and once it falls off the fall to the brace recovery is joltingly fast. The roll takes more pressure than it should, I feel. The boat handled two foot waves easily, but got blown around quite allot. Forward speed was decent if not good. Perhaps this all needs to await the proper seat being lower.

My most negative sense about it was how little room there was behind the seat to do lay back skills. The thigh braces are quite aggressive, but they were placed low and uncomfortable for me, although if the seat was lower this might be OK. Sorry for the less than great impression, I love Impex and wanted to like it more.

Force 4

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I paddled a 4 at Paddlefest in May. Must have been a prototype, but couldn't tell by looking at it. 18' x 20.75", great tracking, very fast, reponds to leaned turns reasonably well, good layback ability on rear deck, rolls easily. Nice boat overall. Then again, probably a prototype.