Anyone use a CPAP machine?

Thanks for the comments and suggestions. I will continue to research this topic. I haven’t run across anyone else looking to kayak with CPAP gear. Canoeing is not an option for me. So…I’ll report back with what I can find.

Imagine this!! How about hydrogen fuel cell power! Now that would be something.


I would be very interested in what you come up with. I will also post any new info that I run across.

c-PAP revisited
grimloc,I was doing a search of archives on this subject and found only this thread. I am wondering how you made out and did you find a solution? I am also on the C-PAP machine and want to do some overnight island camping. i was thinking about a smaller battery and a DC/AC innverter. My machine has no DC input. I use a solo canoe so I have space, but worry about the extra weight if I need to portage. I am only looking to get 1 night …maybe 2 once in a while. I was going to set it up and let it run for 8 hours to see if it would work. Anyone else is welcome to add comments.