Aquabound Ferrule Question

I am considering a 210 Aquabound Stingray Carbon - i have the old style (button) Aquabounds and a few newer TLC ferrules which I have only used one of a few times.

Does anyone have an opinion who have used both (especially the newer TLC design -if it holds out?)

I know the negative with the old style is that they tend to stick and i have had to sand the ferrule down which still tends to stick.

I guess I am concerned how the new ferrules stand up to a lot of useage.

Thanks for any insight.

Keep it simple…
Buy the non-adjustable design. It’s simpler, cleaner, more substantial, and will save you ten bucks you don’t need to spend. PLUS, the design is not as reliably locked-in as it should be once it’s tightened, which increases the possibility that the halves separate during use.

If you WANT an adjustable feather paddle, buy a Werner. Their design gives you the adjustability without adding on another bulky piece of plastic right at the joint between halves. Will cost you more than a hybrid Sting Ray, but if that feature is important, might as well spend up a little bit all the way around (a Camano or Lil Dipper will also be 3 or 4 oz lighter than the AB).

TLC ferrule works fine for us
disagree with poster. We have used the TLC on our two paddles we use with our fishing kayaks with no problems whatsoever. Also let all the kids and their friends use and abuse them. It’s nice to have more than just 60 degree offset available which is all the button allows if you don’t want neutral.

Seems good so far
I have a stingray with the TLV ferrule and it seems to have held up so far with one season of use, but to me i feel like i shouldn’t dig in and take a hard stroke, it just doesn’t have a haooy solid feel to it. My old paddle is a bending branches slice, i love the cam ferrule, adjustable length and angle, never had any problems with it and i’ve ordered a H20 paddle for this spring, going to give it a try.

TLC is heavier
I think it adds an ounce or two to the paddle.

The reason your ferrule sticks is because it’s made of nylon which expands when wet. Sanding helps, but if it ever is really stuck, let it completely dry (which is hard to do unless you have naturally or artificially low humidity) then it will be easy to separate.

Aquabound Swell Paddle
I have one - carbon shaft, carbon blade with an adjustable telescoping ferrule. I’m not sure if it is TLC ferrule, but I got my blade about a year and a half ago.

The blade adjusts from 245 to 260 in length (custom ordered length to paddle my canoes) and also adjusts the feather angle to whatever you like.

I’ve paddled it a lot over that time and I’ve had no problems with the ferrule connection. Has a cam lock that holds securely and releases easily. I always break down the paddle afterwards to avoid the potential of the two sections getting stuck in place.

I’m very happy with it and wouldn’t hesiate to buy it again if the need arose or recommend it to others. There is a 1 oz increase in weight for that ferrule but my paddle is still very, very light to swing. For an extra $10 it seems like a great value to give you the ability to adjust length and feather angle.

Aquabound Swell paddle
I believe is a completely different design - i have the Bending Branches plus adjustable paddle 215-230cm which i think is of the design you have (just tighten both halves) Aquabound now makes that paddle. The Stingray has a large ring type plastic piece which you tighten.

Concur with you
With mine, just just twist the 2 halves together, there is no plastic ring.