Are Pelicans as bad as I think they are?

Yes, they are thermoformed but not ABS. They are polyethylene.

But mine are not at all flimsy and do not oil can.

I stand corrected. Bit further search - from the first listing I found on their website (for a Sentinel 100):
" RAM-XTM Premium is a multi-layer polyethylene with an advanced resin in the top layer imparting a glossy finish and providing significantly more rigidity than standard polyethylene."

Few times a year use , seems fine for a inexpensive entry into Kayaking ,
Grandson into CREW with HS ,
I was thinking about getting a Kayak , For his birthday purchased 2 , one for him one for me
Few times use , we had a blast
I purchased 2 more ,
Academy had the Bounty model on sale , plus oars , out the door ( 4 kayaks ) $840 .
We are in Central Fla , Many springs & lakes too explore , Especially Blue Spring State Park , Manatee galore ,
Only issue
I am a old man 70 plus ,
Not young & thin as I once was ,
Getting into the sit in Kayak is OK ,
Getting out , CANT
I roll over like a beached whale getting wet
Grandkids assist making it easier
Attempted too make my own DIY seat ,
I see many use beach chairs or install tracks with their own seats , Attempted a few ideas but found the side walls on the molded plastic weak , Not designed for weight above , Its balanced with person sitting inside not on top , Purchased foldable stadium seat , Sturdy , Had some
stainless metal brackets that I laid across sides , Attached seat too brackets , On land it seems too be ok , but see stress on the sides . the molded seats are plastic , no movement , anything that I have found will not fit , I am using a 4 inch thick foam and it seems too help a little , Just enough height I can get out of kayak lot easier
any ideas is appreciated
I see many responding too the quality of kayaks , Anything boating or water related expect to pay a lot , More experienced have expensive set ups many thousands of dollars ,

Your description of you is a description of me. Because of the same issues, I paddle sit on top kayaks. I still have a hard time getting up from one but it is easy to roll off.

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Get a sit-on-top. You enter with the boat in knee-deep water; just back up to the side of it and sit down. Getting out, again in knee-deep water, just swing your legs over the side and stand up.


String, do you think my Hurricane Skimmer 128 would be a good boat for him?

Sissy, since I have a Skimmer 140 , of course it would. I can dismount without swimming.

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Most all Pelican kayaks seem to be made out of thermoformed sheets of RamX (PEX or HMPE material). With the top and bottom bonded together.
HMPE is a very tough material. But fairly soft, and that might be a bit of an issue. It stands a good chance that their cheeper models use thinner sheets. And thinner would be problematic…
That said, rotomolden PE kayaks are hardly better, dependent on how much material is used. Fair to say that between 2 12’ kayaks the heavier one will have a thicker hull. Or a whole bunch of features that weigh it down, so be aware to take that into account…

Junk might as well get a mortar tub.

Yes, they are.


Beat me to it.

However, in the right context they can be fun. Unfortunately people rarely understand or care what that entails.

??? Whut?

Pelicans??..They aren’t bad unless some fishermen have been feeding them. Then they hang out , get in the way, and beg for food. You have to give 'em bait to get rid of them. :wink:


I don’t think Pelicans can compare to Brown-headed Cowbirds for badness. Absolutely no morals whatsoever. They do MATERNITY tests on them.


The Guy was right.

A Seals Skirts Drape or Drape X will work as it acts as a partial deck cover not relying on the coaming.

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Unfortunately a lot of brands and models available in the USA/Canada arn’t available in the Netherlands/Europe :frowning: is my go to reseller as it’s fairly close by and has a good selection.
I’m looking upto the 500 $/€ mark for a sit inside. Recreational paddling and maybe some magnet fishing. (And you don’t realy need to know dutch to navigate their site) That is why i’m looking at the Pelican Mustang 120x and Argo 120XP. Thoughts?
btw, getting in and out of the Mustang… the plastic felt realy weak.

Pelican makes a very large number of different kayak models, with a huge range in price, design and features. A quick look at their website appears to show 92 different ones right now.

I don’t think it’s fair to make any claims that ‘ALL’ Pelican kayaks are good or bad. It depends on which one a person is trying to use, and what they’re hoping to do with it.

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Wow, that is amazing. My wife and I have had Pelican Mustang 120 for a few years and really like them. We have been in rough water, lakes, rivers, etc. Guess I am not worthy.

Meh, don’t sweat it. Everyone has an opinion. If your boats do everything you need and you enjoy paddling them, that’s what matters. Paddle more and worry less. :slight_smile:

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