Artisan Millenium Test paddle

Rare photo
Two Artisan Milleniums…

Mine is in the foreground and Jcamry’s is the other…

Have the rudder on, only because I was doing some sailing.


"My skeg has never jammed"
Ha! Dats not wat Viviane told me…


“…I should probably try it anyways.”

– Last Updated: Nov-30-09 3:20 PM EST –

Yes, you should try a Nordlow. Though I am not a confident enough paddler to have my Nordlow as my only boat, it is a very sexy boat in its performance (and its looks).

The Nordlow is very quick. It responds to bow ruddering about the best of any boat I've paddled. It rolls quickly and easily - so much so that it is very easy to windowshade.

It runs downwind extraordinarily fast and picks up speed well even on small waves. It is very balanced in beam wind. It moves through lumpy seas effortlessly.

If I were a better paddler or only paddled when I was 'on top of my game' I might always paddle my Nordlow.

I am 6', 185 pounds, and use my Nordlow as a day boat. The other boat I use as a day boat is a Romany. I also use the Romany for tide races and surfing - as the Nordlow is too fast reacting for my skills. I use my Aquanaut for camping and for distance paddling when I'm not up to paddling the Nordlow.

Put an Explorer next to a Millenium, Explorer has more rocker and that extra length on the Millenium seems to be on the stern. If you line up the cockpits the bows almost line up, but the Millenium stern is much longer.