average speed of kayak

my goal is 3.5
i figure ill keep that goal but some day im for sure going to get a faster yak and one with dry storage

"Unless it’s in a pretty good wind. Add in the speed that a person can paddle and it tends to get faster… :slight_smile:

Absolutely spot on Celia, well said :slight_smile:

It really depends on the color
The red ones are fast.

jim :slight_smile:

I just did a 7.8 mile loop around a lake in my Placid Boat Works Spitfire 12 and averaged 3.6mph according to my Garmin GPS.

About 3 knots

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3.6 mph equals about 3 knots which is the most often cited figure I've encountered as average (or normal) cruising speed for a sea kayak. However, for a solo canoe it sounds fast... but then again I can't paddle a canoe straight at any speed ;-)

Celia's response of 'Zero' is my fav on this thread, as a kayak has no inherent speed....

Close to zero
When you average out 70+ miles per hours on the roads, 3 mph on the water for trips, and then all the time they are stored in the garage, it’s slightly above zero, but practically zero. The more you drive it around and paddle, the higher the average.

Based on the last month, my kayak went about 200 miles on the roads, 8.5 miles on the river, so 208.5 miles in 720 hours is about .29 miles per hour.



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I read somewhere that painting flames on the hull will help increase the speed. I think I will give that a try.

Finally got some rain last night
my Explorer filled up in less than 12 hours - drought is not over but it is a start

avaerage speed
i am sure the question was a serious one.

If you crossed a lake that is 2 NM accross in 2 hours back and forth then you did 4nm in those 2 hours. Or 2 knots. and i am thinking for navigational purposes that maybe a good number.

average speed of kayak
So is mine :slight_smile: www.orukayak.com


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7mph.. yeah, either your GPS is broken or you just won the Olympics! :)
In my opinion 3mph cruising is about the average without wind, current for normal human beings in a non-racing kayak. 4mph is pulling hard, 5mph is vigorous and quite an achievement for longer than an hour.

I have a 14" recreational Perception America, it's not a racing one for sure, but I am more athletic than the average. I can cruise with 3-4mph for several hours, 5mph is about the max.

Like some others wrote, don't worry about speed, just enjoy paddling!