Avocet RM or Capella 160

The longest of normal legs…
…would end at the farthest extension of the footbraces.

I don’t recall ever encountering a poly boat that placed the bulkhead there. There’s plenty of extra room to move the bulkhead inwards.

aren’t life jackets filled with foam ?
i would expect that 3 foam bulkheads is actually quite a bit of floatation. considering, thats more foam than what would go in a life jacket - and those float quite a bit -

i’m sure the seat pad helps too - :wink:

like i said i’m not having a go at foam
But you do have to compare apples with apples and oranges with oranges, and your argument is equally true about the placements of foam bulkheads which equally are usually placed in about the same place (relative to the footrests) as a welded bulkhead, fact is 3” of foam will detract more from the internal volume of the kayak more than ¼” of plastic bulkhead, all things being equal this will detract from storage space, whether this is relevant to the purchaser is entirely up to them. Even if by better positioning the Capella’s new foam bulkhead doesn’t detract from front hatch space, the rearmost one can’t help but take 3” of space out or either the day-hatch or rear hatch space

Besides we are getting away from the original post that merely asked should the switch to foam be seen as a positive or a negative and like most things in life there is no 100% right answer:

Foam provides more buoyancy (if you were to totally flood all three compartments and the cockpit area), is slightly lighter and cheaper to manufacture

Welded plastic provides more structural support to the kayak, is generally regarded as providing a better seal and lasting longer.

I obviously consider the Capella 160 to be a fine design but I will not hide the fact that I see the switch to foam bulkheads as a negative one, relative to what they were fitting before

Why go there?
We’ve done lots of events with the boys at Valley - and know, most, all them - they make nice boats - and we’ve always encouraged paddlers to paddle different boats - and see what works best for them…seems that is the best way for folks to find out what works best.

Both bulkheads work great -

Have fun -





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Thanks everyone
I would just like to say thank you to all those who have posted on my thread, especially thanks to orton1966 and kayak41north for their passionate exchanges.

On balance for my usage I am swayed more by the argument for the welded bulkheads, although I do accept both systems have their supporters.

Thanks again