avocet vs nordkapp rm

Chill out
I never said that my Avocet couldn’t hold enough. I have used it for extended trips. I just said that it is not “optimized” for this usage. It paddles like a log when the seam is in the water. This is not it’s optimum use, but I have made do.

That said, I absolutely agree with the above posts indicating that a 16’ boat is an entirely reasonable first boat (my original post says this). Salty’s comments about marketing “expedition” boats to newbies is right on! Fact is, the vast majority of us spend the vast majority of our time doing day paddling anyway, so why shlep around the extra 2 feet of empty boat!


My comment is more directed at
the 120 pound poster than the 175 pound you. If you say it paddles like a dog I believe you.


Thanks for the clarification.

LV Scorpio -
you need to paddle the new LV Scorpio - or at least add to your list. Just now arriving in the states -its designed to fit paddlers your size - and has the carrying capacity you are looking for - weight is quite nice on the new LV scoprio as well - Nordkap LV and avocet are very nice boats too - just paddle a few and see what works best.