Bad knees

Lighter boats better for bad knees.
I never grab one of my heavy boats when my knees are bothering me. Below 35 lbs is best.

Bad knees.
I’m 58 yo, was overweight, and I had a knee replacement 1 1/2years ago. The other knee is ready for one also, however, I’m just holding out until I can’t take anymore steps. I was 203 lbs and now down to 180. Never felt better with the weight loss. I think it all depends on boat use. I like to paddle around Puget Sound; lots of current, wind, sometimes waves, big boat traffic, small boat traffic, etc. I have a sit in Seaward Aurora. I bought it off of Craigslist from a dude a few blocks away. The cockpit is large and it isn’t too difficult getting in and out. I paddled for 5 hours the other day on Puget Sound and my butt hurt more than my knees. I did have a Necky Arluk lll but that was to tight for me. You can do a sit in type kayak if you size the cockpit correctly. Like I annotated earlier, what’s your purpose. Good luck with your weight loss and choosing a boat.

Molds of course
I didn’t think of the different molds, good one !

Meanwhile, yes it would be good to know about the Op’s intended use.

OT answer to the composite
Adirondack pack canoe market. Solo pack canoes have been around for over a hundred years but limited to the Adirondack area.

Placid Boatworks and Hornbeck boats changed that market and made the pack canoe design more widely recognized. Yes both are ADK builders of lightweight composite boats. Pack Canoes were intended for bushwhacking while carrying pack and paddle and boat. They tend to be cut down in the sheer.

So far no one has put out a poly pack canoe. Enter Next.

It misses the mark, Its got the size but at a double weight penalty. Price is the only thing going for the beast.