Baitcasting reels question

Good deal! Way to go.

It’s a trade-off
You get to trade line twist for bird’s nests. Which problem are you going to get more often, and which is going to bother you more? I hate line twist, so I use baitcasters frequently. But, if I start getting frequent bird’s nests, then I’m back to spinning tackle.

In general, I am set up with baitcasting tackle for fishing heavy hardware - 3/8 to 5/8 oz spinbaits or buzzbaits or large poppers, and spinning tackle for light presentations, such as unweighted soft plastic worms cast long and left to dangle in current seams.

My surf fishing tackle, which involves throwing large lures and spoons with a minimum weight of 1/2 oz but often 7/8 oz up to 8 oz of weight PLUS some cut bait, is all baitcasting. I love the strength of it when a big one is one. A baitcasting reel is literally a winch, and it pulls like one when I need it too. I have a few spinning outfits for the surf for friends who want to give it a try. Throwing a five oz bottom rig can be hard to do, so I prefer to keep the equipment familiar when new people are giving it a try.

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C’mon, weren’t any of you folks around when thumb-busters were the norm, and spinning was still somewhat of a novelty? I learned to fish, age 12, with a no frills baitcaster…no inertial dampeners,no ball bearings, Cortland braided line, and switch hands after the cast, 'cause that’s all there was. One quickly learned how to feather the spool with their thumb. Oh, and the rod was a tapered STEEL blank with genuine red agate guides. How’s that for a blast from the past???

In all seriousness, I think the theory of cast right then switch hands was more about dexterity and power…if you are a rightie, then your right hand is supposed to be more dextrous for casting and stronger for reeling. Of course, we now know that it doesn’t really matter. I think some baitcasters can be had with a switchable handle, or ordered left or right.

All in all, it’s a matter of personal preference, I prefer to cast right and reel left, and everything I have is set up that way.

I have not seen a steel rod in close to 60 years. I was in heaven when I got a split bamboo to replace that thing. I believe the reel was a Phlueger. Later we had the solid fiberglass with Penns and Phluegers. Lots of burned thumbs from the dacron. I got my 1st spinning reel in 1953. Spinning reels are accurate if you learn to feather the line. You can use the index finger or the free hand. Dont overfill the spools.

Those old lures can be valuable. Check to see what they are worth before you fish them.

man , spin reels cast as accurate as …

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.... can be !!

Doesn't any one just use the same forefinger they intially hold the line up to the rod with , to just control the cast distance to the exact spot they want the lure to hit the water ??

Also , just in case some don't know this ... when casting and wanting to land the lure well back under an over hanging tree limb , just aim at the lowest possible spot of the limb in the direction of desired cast . Practice hitting that leaf on the way by , really ... if you don't believe me , try it a while , you be a believer . Just aim for the leaf first instead of the water .

I have a bro-inlaw who is a dedicated bass fisherman and he uses nothing but baitcasting reels . All 10-12 of them , each on it's own dedicated rod goes with him every time . I never make fun of him , it's his thing ... 99 out of a hundred times I take just one spin outfit to do the work with , although I have extra spools w/ heavier/lighter line along with me .

Spin vs Baitcaster
I used to use baitcasters like many posted here, but once the braids came out I really don’t use mine much anymore. Powerpro’s 2 lb 10 breaks at 18lbs. With a 30lb flourocarbon leader and a 7’ rod we can pull 30" snook out of the mangroves that would have been impossible with 8lb mono (which would cast worse than the 2lb 10).

If I’m standing up in a boat and fishing for bass with a spinner bait or crank bait it’s still nice to use a baitcaster, because a spinning reel will hit the first guide and you feel that in the lure.

I also find it harder to “skip” a lure under tree branches with a baitcaster.

I am a perfect example of someone who bought a baitcast reel and had no frickin’ idea how to use it. After a couple of birdsnests that cost me two extra spools of line I did my research on the internet and learned how to cast it properly (not really that difficult, but it does take a bit to get used to).
I bought a Canadain Tire special the Rhino baitcast (made by Zebco) like this rod and reel were ~$69 2 years ago. THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST PURCHASES I MADE FOR FISHING TO DATE!!! Yeah it’s a cheapy but man does it ever reel in good, and you can feel hit better becuase the reeling action is vibrating through as much. I love mine and am hoping to upgrade to a better name brand one in the next little while. I use mine for all my pike and walleye fishing and it has caught many fish to date. They do suck for any light lures like small spoons and spinner (another learn by trial mistake). I have an ultra-lite for those applications, and then I have my standard spinng reel for anything else, although it hardly gets used any more.
I use either my baitcast or my ultra-light.

I found a rod and reel on the beach at an island near Charleston, SC.
The surf rod had a poorly carved wooden handle. The reel , which I still have, is one of the Abu 5000. There were holes abraided in the sides and the crank was broken. It was full of sand and shell bits.
My Dad took had it cleaned and repaired and it still works.

Hello everyone

Hello friends, I recently started to be interested in fishing, and now the question of choosing a reel for my spinning has come up. My friend has been fishing for 2 years now. He recommended Shimano reels for me. Perhaps some of you have used these coils, and can answer me or help me in choosing coils from this brand.
I would be grateful for your help, my friends.