Barefoot kayak paddlers?

No Need for Glue
If you use the block you can move it around for comfort and your heels don’t touch a thing.

Foot pegs
I just removed the foot pegs from my wifes boat. I put in 2 angle brackets and a 2.5"x18" spanner with .5" foam. A .5" foam pad goes under her heels. No danger of entrapment and a lot more comfortable. She is the only one that paddles it so it does not have to be adjustable although I did allow for 1" of adjustment. In the summer she paddles barefoot and carries a pair of sandals under the bungies. In winter I can remove the foam and she is set for her booties.

arch support
I have flat feet that the doctor said was from loose tendons or ligaments in my feet and have to wear special arch supports in my shoes. If I don’t my knees and ankles start to hurt. I found that putting regular sport shoe inserts with arch support that they sell in the drugstore helps a lot.