BBK paddlepod

BBK sells an attractive rooftop carrier box for greenland paddles for $300

No more wrestling with paddles inside the car or unsightly sewer pipes on the rack. Has anyone seen or have knowledge of? Alternative recommendations? These look like the best I know of but have no firsthand knowledge.

PVC and paint it black.

For $ 300
my pvc pipe becomes VERY attractive :wink:

Yeah, really.
I think mine cost ~$20 for the pipe and the end caps.

If you need something that holds more than the 3 paddles that typically fit in a 4" PVC tube, you can get 5" square PVC fence/mailbox posts that will hold ~5 paddles. I used one when we went to Shetland in '04 so we could have 2 personal paddles each, plus a generic spare.

I was thinking of
five mailboxes mounted end-to-end on a 2x6.

But that is sooooo West Virginia of me.


Nice but
It locks but is attached to the rack with thumbscrews on u-bolts? — something’s askew there. Nice looking item, but maybe it could be done in thermoformed plastic to bring the price down from the stratosphere.

I’m guessing that
there is a very limited market for these, hence the semi-custom construction and high price.

What concerns me is the apparent ease of removal. That would be a major loss.