Greetings, I’m a 62 yr old advid fisherman and I have different small watercraft boats but would like to buy a sot kayak for fishing.

I’d like to keep it 10 foot or under to transport in my van and I have looked around but could use some advice on the matter.

The price range I’d like to stay around is $500.00 or under.

Any way a member could give me areas to look I would be greatful.

Thank You for Looking,


Good luck

other message board on this forum
You might try the other board titled “Fishing from Kayaks and Canoes” as well.

10’ SOT
Tarpon 100. Quality small boat that you might be able to find used for under $500.

How much do you weigh?
How far do you plan to paddle?

A 10’ boat of any kind can turn into a pig with too much weight.I weigh 220 and rented one.Only kayak I ever paddled that threw a wake.

Looking for kayak
My weight is around 200 pounds.

Maybe I should plan on spending more ?

Thanks for your help


Look for used
That’ll keep the price down.

More money and more boat
There are a few 10 foot kayaks that will hold your weight but they will be very sluggish on the water. Find a way to transport a longer kayak and you will be better off in the long run.

Thank You
Thank You all for your replies.