Bell Magic is surprisingly stable.

I would like to see the foot loops
Is here a link on how to install them?

Evidently you didn’t understand …
The metal plate imbedded in the rib has nothing to do with spanning it.

One of the boats I did had it, and the other didn’t

You said you wanted to span the rib, and I described how.

If you want, the next time I have one of the canoes off the rack, I’ll take a picture of it and e-mail it to you.

Jack L

I’m really illiterate as it comes to posting photos, but I can describe what I did. I installed a Wehnona brace. But before I riveted it in, I slipped 2 about 6 inch pieces of hose tubing(the kind that have the cross-threading impregnated in it)just slightly larger in diameter and used 1" climbing strap to make the fitted straps. Like kneeling, you need 3 contact points to be one with the boat. Of course, depending on conditions, I wouldn’t always be slipped into them.

I’m pretty sure those 2 boats were made for our dimensions… The Advantage and Summersong should have been good fits. I realize you seem to be a day outing kind of paddler but those are both great exersize craft for people with our similar build…You’re a kayaker, so I wouldn’t think the narrowness is an issue…

Motoring along…
If it’s not sacrilige, it flies with a double blade…

Thanks that is what I needed

Bell Magic
The previous owner of the Magic I bought had it set up as a kneeler. However my size 14’s would not fit under the seat (1 in. drops). The seat was too high to sit comfortably. I replaced them with stock Bell Magic drops and it worked like a charm.

Thanks for the pics & instructions, Jack
Now I just need to set aside the time to do the work. I already have the brace.