bent shaft or straight which is best

My shaft is bent.

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My wife prefers straight. But, I ams what I ams.

Mostly bent on tight twisty stream for
me today. Still used J and C strokes and paddled on whichever side worked best. I used my straight shaft for a while, but it’s much heavier than my bents, so I went back to them for most of the paddling. I did use the wooden straight shaft when going through the very shallow & rocky sections. My very old & beat up Wenonah fiberglass bent shaft has a large blade surface area and gives great power for boat control in the twisty areas. I also used my Barton Paddle Company carbon bent shaft for much of the paddling, it has almost as much power as the Wenonah fiberglass bent. I prefer these other paddles over my Zaveral medium bent for this type of paddling where I want more power in my stroke. I definately prefer the Zaveral for less technical water and straight ahead paddling.

I’ve discovered that an assortment of paddle types and sizes is handy for paddling in different boats and different conditions and for different paddlers.

I’ve purchased all of my canoe paddles used or deeply discounted, mostly on ebay or the classifieds.

Over all, I prefer the light weight paddles over the heavier paddles when the light weight paddles won’t be abused too much by shallow rocky streams.

Good luck with whichever paddles you choose.

So is your mind, he, he : )

who heels over the boat ? I do ! it shortens the waterline and makes for a faster turn! I use all of the strokes that a straight shaft paddler uses, but with a differing amout of mithe mix. Using a straight shaft is alright, but i gotta get to the take out fast so you old guys don’t drink all my beer first :wink:

bent shaft…
I bought my MorningStar canoe this January,

have canoed alot of places now in Florida

and just did the French Broad River in NC a few

weeks ago on vacation.

We have the Bending Branches and the style is the Sun Shadow…

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5’ 8" also
I too am 5’8" and love my bent shaft paddle. I use a 50" Bending Branches BB-Special.