Best ever firestarter for kayakers

Hong Kong flints and strikers
on e-bay for 4$ free shipping got mine in 2 weeks and better than any other i have seen. i keep it on my knife sheath and a pill bottle of dryer lint in my pfd.

walmart water proof match holder 2$
it will hold lint,bark or matches. cool thing it has a small but very usable flint attached to the bottom.

Blast Match
and Wetfire tinder here…

All natural firestarter…
Birch bark is the best all-natural fire starter! It works whether wet or dry, and burns for a decent amount of time. Dryer lint is great also, especially since it packs really well.

old - old - old
You guys are so “Old School”. WetFire™ Tinder. Throw it in a puddle of water, sink it, then pull it out and light it with anything. Burns long enough and hot enough to start a fire anywhere anytime, and it weighs 0.2 oz. I have never tried anything that works as well or weighs less.

Yes, but…
You have to “pay” for yours. Ours is free, abundant & will never run out if the “market” dries up.

What do you light your Wetfire with? A lighter? Matches? If you have one or both of those, why have the Wetfire? Or whateer it is called…

Learn some skills son, that way you don’t have to “spend” money on something that nature already provides you for free! Why pack “another” item? Why spend “more” money? Do you complain about your pack weight?

Paddle easy,


Yeah, my kids were impressed
watching the flame front advance along the wet ground, before it burned the hair off my calves.

just curious…
How many practice making a fire with a bow drill?

About once per year or so I make one from materials scrounged from the woods. Never had to do it ‘for real’, but I figure it is a god skill to have anyway.

I “practice” with…
Every type of ignition system that I can. I mainly use a flint & steel, but I try every trip a different way to start my “country oven”.

Bow & drill


magnifying glass

flint & steel



hand drill

I love building all my shelters, starting fires, etc differently every time.

It is a good way to test & achieve skills needed in reality.

Paddle easy,


My favorite trick
is to rub 2 dry campfire girls together

Cotton Balls and petro jelly
My choice, but put the balls in 35mm film container(s). Can put 7 or 8 balls in per.

Just ordered a fire piston!!..
Looking forward to it’s arrival:

Paddle easy,


Those sticks are definitely the best firestarters for the money and no hassle.

…and in the morning.

It smells like


old boy scout trick…
ok… so I am with the natural guys in that you should use what ever is at hand if possible, but for really wet/rainy days we would take strips of newspaper and dip them in parfin wax and roll them up… Super light, you can take your pick of any container to keep them in… just like the cotton balls, and never fail… But i like the cotton balls too, just don’t burn as long, and the straw thing is genious!

U.S.T. Strike Force

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I think Ultimate Survival Technologies' Strike Force Fire Starter is incredible, used in conjunction with Wet fire Cubs and you have the ability to make fire even in wet, cold conditions.

My Favorite Firestarter
The best firestarter I have found is taking dryer lint and igniting it.