Best soaps for camping

Thanks, will try that
I admit the peppermint smell of Dr B’s puts me off. I sent for some of the other scents. I’ll try the chlorine drops too.

I don’t use soap
while camping.

Or at home.

I only w ash the dishes
MMM 12 days on the st.john without soaping up! it kept the bugs away and anybody that got near me. 2 or 3 drops is all you need for a plate and cook pot. My 4oz. bottle lasted till just this weekend i opened it in April.

I was cookin’ . . .
. . . gear with beach sand and water. Use Ivory to bethe/shave. I carry a bottle of liquid Tide to wash clothes on really long trips. Dilute a little liquid Tide in a quart (litre if you are in Canada) bottle of water and soak the garment to be washed. Stash it on the rear deck 'til you make your next stop in a couple of hours. Wash it out in river.

By the way, Ivory bar soap is actually soap. Most everything else is some sort of detergent.

Leave no trace
Please do not use soap outside of your normal household environment.

please check out the leave no trace standards

See if you can “update” outmoded ideas.

Dr B’s Eucalyptus Soap
I had heard that the Eucalyptus scent was mildly insect-repellant. Anyone with experience?


Campsuds contain no
phophates/phosphorus. However, it is only biodegradable if filtered through soil where the appropriate bacteria can get to it. Hence, your grey water should be put in a drywell well away from the shore (200’) and covered when done. Use sparingly, it is concentrated. It will degrade in water, but much more slowly than if put into the soil.

Looks like . . .
. . . their driving force is fund raising. I will continue to use soap and poop in the woods.

The Dr is the best



Check out the green stuff in the bottle. Great soap for all around washing. I think I found my last bottle at Wally World. They used to make a bar soap that I think is still around. The stuff keeps you from stinking between bathing, a necessity for hunting and for being social.