Best way to carry canoe on Subaru

OK - I disagree with datakoll as well
That’s unusual, because usually I have no idea what he’s talking about.

Well the guys at Mohawk, who knew bit about building canoes (any one would assume carrying canoes on cars), disagreed with you.

Sorry for the quality, but you’ll get the point.

Am not sure of the length you’re allowed
beyond your rear bumper, in your state…but bring the canoe back another couple feet…can only help its ride. Just pick up a red cleaning cloth or a flourescent colored red/orange flag and tie onto the stern’s stem. Just watch it when backing up…

I get the aerodynamics
I’m just not convinced that it makes that much of a difference, and I’d rather not have the boat hang off the back any further than it has to. Just my preference.

Tying the stern line to a thwart rather than the end is a good approach. I’ve done that with my Spirt II.