better Sea Kayak

Cape Horn
It’s a 15 foot kayak. I’ve had it for years, and would like something newer, and maybe a bit lighter or more responsive. There is nothing wrong with it, I’m just looking for a bit more speed on long trips and maybe a bit better handling in the Potomac.

Could you be more specific
What you mean by handling. The Cape Horns are stable boats. Are you saying you want more speed AND maneuverability?

How locked in are you to that 15’ length? If it’s absolute, you can get a kayak with a more civil primary stability but speed will be a matter of you becoming a more powerful and efficient engine. If you can go longer waterline then you can achieve a higher potential top end speed.

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Speed VERSUS maneuverability
The hull design that does one best does the other more poorly.

All boats are somewhat of a compromise between thse characteristics. But the fastest boats take more edge and commitment to turn and the most maneuverable boats take more paddling effort to hold a higher cruising speed.

The boats that are in the middle do both OK but not as well as a boat that sits on the edge of the speed or maneuverability spectrum.

Which characteristic is more important to you?

Speed vs ease
I’m going to guess that you are less interested in top hull speed and more in being able to travel a bit faster for the same effort.

I’m not sure what you mean by handling. Are you looking to turn easier or are you interested in how you & the kayak handle chop and waves?