Bike shuttles – I’m starting to like them

Tville is an easy bike shuttle, and it is running now. I hope to get back there this weekend when it comes down a little. For anyone wondering about Tville:

I ride an old bike, so I do worry about mechanical failures. Fortunately hasn’t happened yet. Maybe after the pandemic is over I’ll be able to find a new bike. Then again, after the pandemic is over I won’t need a new bike…

Don’t know about brave - by the time I got there I didn’t have much choice. Had I known I would have gone another way.

Hey, you could have called an uber

No car shuttles :wink:

I know… Just poking fun.

Although I might make an exception for that rotary

Not a single bike photo in this thread. :frowning:

Well, biking is secondary to paddling, but how about this:

6-mile bike shuttle for Lowell Road

Ready for anything - helmet for biking, mask for COVID and drysuit for paddling…


That’s the strangest looking cycling windsuit I have ever seen…nice way to… git 'r done !