Bivy sack recommendations?

: )
I knew Swedge would chime in with his plug for good ole’ brown and green! :slight_smile: You are right of course, having a low profile green bivy won’t help much sitting next to a 17-foot long yellow kayak…hehe…maybe they will think it just a huge Mountain Dew bottle or something .

I really haven’t had much of a problem finding secluded and “non-posted” areas to hole up in on my long trips. Usually I’m pulling out around dusk and I take a good look at my topo map to see if there are any roads nearby. In my past two long trips I’ve learned good lessons though…and that is to stop earlier in the day at a good camp-site rather than push for mileage and risk a really bad one.

Of course, ideally I’d love to just find a sand-bar in the middle of the river and camp so trespassing wouldn’t be an issue. I’m less worried about people coming along and bothering me than I am about the definite illegality of trespassing…some of these guys down south might shoot first and ask questions later. As one sign read on my Catawba River trip “Trespassers will be shot on sight. Survivers (sic) will be prosecuted.” Lol…nice…such a nicely printed sign to be spelled incorrectly…hehe…

Most of my camping is done in the fall/winter, so temps in the Carolinas hover around 50 degrees with some colder nights dipping below freezing. Anyway…good input by everyone…I’ll certainly weigh my options before dropping any cash :slight_smile: