Black Kayaks

visibility has so far not been an issue
we disappear on the water to large boats regardless of the color of our deck and the white hulls; there’s already way too much white on even a small day and so really, how much good do you think that color is doing you?

boaters - they aren’t looking for us and don’t expect to see us anyways depending on where we are - it’s best if we just stay outta there way or signal them if they’re getting too close - wave a paddle over your head, radio call, flare…something more proactive then depending upon anyone else to look for you.

in low light or at night, yup the black boat

disappears…but then so do all the other tiny little speedbumps we paddle regardless of color…however on bright or overcast days and in rough surf…visibility has so far not been an issue, in fact, it’s very visible. and i don’t think the red pfd hurts.

should the need arise for rescue, i am depending more on a strobe and vhf, flares and/or smoke than the color of the kayak.

knock on 'glass, those contingencies will just stay put in various pockets/day hach and this will be just a difference of opinions that i never do any field testing on!

The Bad Guys Paddled Black Kayaks

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There's a really bad movie they show on the action channel now and again called "Whitewater Rebel".
The good guy (James Brolin)paddles C1 of course.
The really dangerous bad guy paddles a black C1. How else would we take him seriously? And all the bad henchmen paddle black kayaks.
There's a nice scene early on of our hero, actualy his paddling stunt doubles, running a gorgeous California river (the Kern I think) and a pretty silly climax chase/fight on the river. The rest is about as bad as TV movies get.
Nothing to do with the rest of this thread but it's what I think of whenever I see a black kayak.

I think Tsunamichuck
has a black boat in his quiver …

as far as I know he’s never been run down by a boat or jet ski .

re: the Amassililk
Would you comment about the handling of your boat…and what size folks fit into it?


Reflective tape
I have bright blue or red reflective tape on all my boats. The sun makes the whole boat glow from the sun’s reflection. Not much help on overcast days or in fog. At night, the running lights reflect off the tape over 1/4 mile. Search lights really light it up. Same tape used on police cars and ambulances. Expensive, about $70 per roll.