blackhawk canoes?

Hey Bob…thanks for getting back to me. I love the nighthawks!!! Does yours have the tractor seat? Or just the standard seat? Would you ever consider selling one? I have the Grade IV packs and tractor seat cover. Mine were stolen many years ago while I was in Houston…would love another one.



Nope! Sold my Nighthawk a couple of years ago.
They are very, very difficult to find these days.
I’m sure a lot of them are gone forever, or owners are just not turning them loose. Not very many were made; I have only seen two offered for sale in the last 2 decades. The Nighthawk I had was one of them…
It had rather unique Blackhawk label on both sides; quite tall lettering. Supposely? Mr.Sigglekow used it at boat show (way back when) as a demo boat. Nobody had to wonder who the manufacturer was, even at a distance
Blackhawk Nighthawk
It had a pedestal seat.
It is pictured. I found and bought it in Wisconsin; where I’ve found the majority of the Blackhawks I’ve owned. Picked up 5 or 6 of them in Illinois.

Blackhawk Shadow used as demo by Sigglekow

Big lettering equal demo boat??? is purely a supposition by another Blackhawk fan.

I do have a couple of the smallest Shadows. Might sell one of those?


Bob…sent a couple of messages…kept saying they were rejected? Anyway…what length is the shadow, and do you have any pics? Would be seriously interested, if it’s the shorter one, I think they are 11’7", and that would be perfect. I miss my Blackhawks!!!