Just started using this on my paddle
Go to your local “Big Box” store, (or local hardware store will do) and buy a length of one inch foam pipe insulation. Cut eighteen inches for each side of your paddle, and wrap with old nylon stockings. Have used this on my bikes handlebars with success, and have just started using it on my paddles. (Have never done thirty or forty miles, and still wonder what makes Freah Hoffmeister tick…but no blisters.)

Best wishes


Try Yakgrips
I use Yakgrips.

For gloves I use the leather/neoprene ones that allow the finger tips to be bare. Makes it easier to use camera, GPS without taking off gloves.

Blisters are an early-season affair for me. After I’ve been paddling frequently, the callouses take over and I breathe a sigh of relief.

Building up works well, regardless of body part or activity.