Boat choice for Pacific coast expedition

A Seawind is $5K.

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Finally a voice of experience
Most the other posts are just pissing in the wind.

Yeah Jon Turk should know this eh?

This whole conversation is pissing in the wind. These endless debates over what boat, paddle, skirt, water bottle, whatever, are continuing evidence of the gentrification of kayaking. Close your laptops and go paddle.

just jump in a boat
and paddle up the West Coast. What’s the problem?

god i wish
i could, but I am currently indisposed in the middle of Iraq right now. I’d say researching this trip is one of the only good things that keeps my mind off of the suck. i understand what your saying though, most of it just comes down to a leap of faith. thanks for all of the advice everybody.

I understand your situation. I was stuck
in Korea for 13 months when I was 25 and any distraction was welcome and no internet.And there was no chance of anyone shooting at me. Keep planning and dreaming!And come up with all the topics you want;someone will answer.

I said Sea Wind because it was designed to do precisely what you want to do.They are expensive, but will last a lifetime or 3.

Hang in there… address?
… and keep doing your research. If you want to email your address to me, I’m sure I can find an old kayaking magazine or two to send your way. If you give me permission to share your address, I’m sure a few others will be happy to send something your way to help you pass the time.

In addition, you can download past issues of wavelength here:

A lot of the pdf file links don’t work but there’s enough to get you started - the team at wavelength will hopefully correct the links in the near future.

Contact Scott Smith at Superior Canoes

Scott worked with Verlen Kruger before he died. Scott is now building the Superior Expedition Canoe.It looks like the Sea Wind with a few modifications.

If you explain your planned trip to him maybe Scott will make you a deal on one of his used boats in exchange for advertising.

Worth a try…

Sage advice

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if you don't happen to be stuck in a war zone with literally no place to paddle/go/hide.

Planning a year long climbing trip got me and my climbing partner through our second tour in Laos and Viet-Nam in 1970. We survived and we did that climbing trip.

After awhile, and especially after the first tour, in combat situations you need a reason to keep on keeping on. With the hope that your own personal luck and the luck of your immediate unit/aircrew will pull you through.

No big ideas, no politics, just a bunch of more or less scared young men and women, highly trained, devoted to the group, trying to get through one more day.

And if planning a kayak trip on p-net can help in any small way, even for one or two in harms way, I'm all for it.

it’s not like we recommended a p140 or something simular for a 1200 mile trip.

I would have said a Prijon kodiak would be perfect for a 1200 mile trip.

Of course, out of all of the suggestions he will get, he is going to have to pick the one that will carry him and his gear. And he would be prudent to get some boat time befor the trip.