boat packing/paddling tips?

couple more?
Pack a mesh bag (I actually one from the inside of my Matrix cargo area) You can make one of your own from a potato or onion bag, or buy an inexpensive mesh bag used for grocery shopping.

Folds down very small, and when I’m unloading (or reloading) it can carry more things than my hands alone - so fewer trips betw. boat and campsite. Also, my bag has hooks on the top side, so can be hung to dry small things w. air passing thru on both sides. It also becomes a tote for things I want or find ( Or twigs and bark for tinder, mushrooms, soft moss etc).

Because I have ~8" forward of my footpegs, I want to make safe use of that space. I wrap another mesh bag around my 2 person tent, fly and footpad and secure it in that unused but valuable space. Won’t matter if it gets wet. Easy to access.And by using the mesh w. two very small bungees hooked into the slots of the footrails, I know it won’t move out of place and become an entanglement issue. It weighs (without tent poles) a little over 3 lbs so it doesn’t affect the trim. The poles go on either side of the skeg housing.

Enjoy your adventure… come back w. tips for us!

Most SS not magnetic, but …

You should be fine, as long as you don’t pack the shovel within about 2 feet of your deck compass.


or mesh backpack
If you anticipate having to portage your drybags any distance.

I bought one of these for whitewater canoeing when it is necessary to carry in or carry out any distance:

It holds my helmet, PFD, booties, waterbottle, throwbag and various flotsam and jetsom during the carry and is easily stowed.

Another use for mesh bags:
When basecamping (camping in the same site more than one night), I like to toss a few adult beverages in a mesh bag and submerge in shallow water near the shore in the morning. I usually include a rock of sufficient size to sink the whole works.

While out paddling all day, the beers, etc. will be nicely chilled upon your return.


please don’t
come to the maine islands with your little shovels - carry in/carry out. There are people who actually clean up those islands on a twice yearly basis… out there picking up after those that use. Be considerate.