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I need some help. I am looking for a boat that will allow me to -paddle central ohio’s numerous rivers and lakes, get me to out of the way camping spots. I am a large man, approx 6’5, 400#. I think I have found a couple of boats suitable, the ocean kayak big game prowler and cobra’s fish and dive. I am not really a fisherman, although i may throw a bobber in the water, my boat will be primarily for exploration and travel. Stability is king, but I also need a high weight cap. Any info/advice would be appreciated.

There will be some people responding to this who are much more knowledgeble than I, but in the meantime some aditional info would be helpful …

Are you a novice?

You mentioned rivers. What class?

That is, will you be doing only flatwater?

What about weight? Do you want a light kevlar or something heavier like royalex?

Will you be paddling solo or sometimes tandem?

How much gear might you take?

How much would you be willing ot pay?

follow up
I will be paddling solo, carry probably 30-40#'s gear, I would say probably mostly class 1-2’s, am a novice paddler, would like to keep it around a grand, could care less about weight of boat, probably less than 80#'s, probably composite built- as kevlar is a bit pricey.

I would love to someday to whitewater, but to my knowledge, there are no whitewater boats that will accomidate 400+ pounds of beef. Please correct me if I am wrong. If anyone knows of a custom boat maker, I could have a whitewater boat made, but for right now, I am looking at SOT’s with a high cap.

I think Sit On Tops are a good idea for you and the two you mentioned get some positive praise from the product reviews on this site. Call around and see if someone has either in their rental fleet. It is money well spent.

A couple of words of wisdom from a kayaking guide I just read. If you are going to travel alone, don’t be any further from the shore than you are willing to swim while towing your boat. I thought that was a good rule of thumb. Good luck out there.


Before you buy.
I agree that an SOT would be a good way to go. At 40 lbs and considering adding gear, not many boats will work.

See if you can test paddle the boat you are interested in buying, take it out tip it over and see if you can climb back on. Two weekends ago I watched someone about 275 lbs unable to get back in an SOT. Three friends tried to bring him in through the surf zone and he got beat up by their boats all crashing into him.

If you are going to paddle where the water is cold it is essential you can rescue yourself quickly.

I could recommend the Perception America
I’m 6’, 280 and have plenty of room.

acadia 11
I have sat in the perception acadia 11 and had plenty of room. I would like to test paddle it, but the local outfitter sold the demop one they had. I have heard that it is easier to get back into a SOT than a regular kayak, especially being a big guy. any truth to that?

I had an Acadia but sold it. It was

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tippy and I could never get the seatback right. I think it was a 12. I have an 11 foot Perception America. It's unmanuverable and I can't get the trim right because I'm too big for it.

How big are you?
I’m 6’3/220 and I love my America 11. Well, not love, but it’s maneuverability is not a problem. I’m getting a 14’ LL Stingray, but that’s mostly for a little better efficiency. I’ll still keep the America 11.

I’m 6’0 and 288 pounds.

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I'll check out the LL Stingray. I'm always looking for my next boat.

Nice looking rec boat. $599 here in PA