Boat security / slashproof webbing

Biggest risk is near paddling places

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We have been able to be pretty careless when we forgot to use the lasso overnight here on city streets. Our best guess is that a 16 plus ft kayak is hard to get thru the door of the local coffee shop where the fences all congregate. And we found out our sea kayaks scare the neighbors anyway - we overheard them talking at a back yard barbecue once.

However, we have become much more scrupulous when we are near the water, on the long trip to our vacation in Maine and the like.

We've never had out straps cut - thanks for the observation above - but then for the big trips we usually double strap. Good observation to also check the inside straps.

That said, it's probably a good thing WW kayaks often have locking bars. The play boats would be a lot easier to run away with.

Lasso Lock, with or without boats
We only lock the boats if they will be left unattended for more than a few minutes.

I always lock the cradles to the rack when I go paddling. Because I use a trailer, it’s too easy to just loosen the cradle hardware and steal them. The Lasso Lock secures them to the bars and supports, which are more time-consuming and obvious to steal.

Overnight trips merit removing them from the trailer.

My security set up
Look at this full size so you see the lassoo locks and how I wrap them around the crossbars…


Join the NRA…(No Kidding)
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You can now add the sticker to your vehicle for FREE, without supporting the NRA, (I BOUGHT mine but then I’m a GUN NUT…) add a little extra to think about when a thief wonders if a gun will show up while he’s laboring…

Apparantly I’m not your friend
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Email me and I’ll send it to you
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From my cold dead hands

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I have a product called srt locking cam straps. They work pretty well, and seem well built. I have been told that the steel cables inside the nylon can be cut with tin-snips, but have no way of knowing if it is true or not.

I also run a cable and lock between the boats on top if parking. It won't stop someone who is determined, but it will slow them down. Rather than an NRA sticker, maybe just a "They can have my paddle when they pry it from my cold, dead hands!" sticker.

Who could be our celebrity spokesperson? I nominate Fat Elmo, on second thought - I'll take James Dickey (better grasp of the language, and an archer to boot) Edit - Seems Mr. Dickey lost his paddle back in 1997. Too bad, Great writer, turns out he was a fighter pilot too. How about John Voight?

3 words: sectional sea kayak

SPT Straps
Easier than investing in an enclosed trailer.

$75-$85 for 8’-13’ lengths.

Just don’t toss the buckle over top the boat, you risk bashing out a window.

I’ve used them for 2 years now and have been pleased with them.

See you on the water,


The River Connection, Inc.

Hyde Park, NY

Locking Knobs

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I have Thule J-cradles and I have had no luck finding these keyed locking knobs. The customer service folks at Thule had no clue either.

Anyone able to find these? Otherwise, I will keep on using bicycle cable locks to secure the cradles to the load bars.

Any help greatly appreciated.

Many levels of security.
Make it difficult for a thief.

Locking straps

Lasso Cable

Bike cable lock to roofrack

Bike cable to adjacent boat

Bike cable to car’s tow point

The more grief a thief has the less likely he will take the time to defeat all the levels. That said, a determined thief cannot be stopped. But you have to ask yourself: Just how determined can a thief be to steal an object that is difficult to transport and pawn? I believe that most of the boat thefts are acts of opportunity, and not the actions of organized crime syndicates.

But I have been wrong on a couple of occasions.


Won’t work in my neighborhood
If you have an NRA sticker on your car where I live the teenagers will break in just to steal the gun from your glove compartment.