Boat size

Two very different problems here

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With the OPer at about 180-200 pounds and the wife at 120, these are two quite different problems to solve in terms of picking a boat.

This wouldn't matter if the OPer hadn't said that rolling and more river work were in their plans. While it is nice, no one needs a well-matched boat for just puddling around a small pond. But with the plans stated here, the match of the boat to the paddler will matter. It is discouraging to try and learn skills when the boat is too oversized - seen that happen.

I suspect that there are a number of boats that would work fine for the person who posted this - though I am rather fond of the idea of going for the Tsunamis. New paddlers tend to think that running class 3 is a piece of cake and underestimate the challenge of class 2. A boat that'll get thru class 2 is plenty for most.

But it seems that many responses here are lumping the two paddlers together.

You are corrects, we’re located in SW VA. I was in Mahoney’s on Sunday looking at the Axis. I can’t believe they didn’t tell me about the demo day. My wife has to work that morning but hopefully we can make it over to try some boats out.

If you have any tips on rivers to paddle I’m all ears.


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I just found the flyer for the demo day. It's Saturday the 23rd at Winged Deer Park, 11:00a-3:00p. Brands represented will be Mad River, Old Town, Feel Free, Dagger, Wave Sport, Wilderness Systems and Pyranha.

I can't help with river suggestions at the time. So far, I've spent my time on Ft. Patrick Henry at Warriors Path. I've never been on any of the rivers in the Tri-Cities in a kayak, only power boats.

BTW, there's also a kayaking/canoeing/general paddling class advertised at Mahoney's, that's going to be, IIRC, the first weekend in June, again at Boone lake I think. Might be a good chance to meet some other local kayakers and get leads on some good river paddling. If I hear anything good re: the local rivers, I'll let you know.

Hope you can make it to Winged Deer Saturday. I'm going to try to make it myself, if I can work it out. Good luck shopping.