Boreal Ellesmere?

Seat wearing
I had that happen with my Arctic Hawk, wore a pair of little holes in it, I thought my skirt was leaking for about 2 weeks before I noticed it. If you put some foam on either side of the Elle’s seat and say some quarter inch (mini cell for all of it) under it you wont have wearing problems. Bottom line, its a Good boat by a Great company.

i’ve had one for 3 years
i bought my ellesmere up in Canada as my first kayak after kayaking three times. it was a demo kevlar that an instructor was selling. i don’t think its a beginner boat since the hull design is optimized for lean turns and rough water. at first i paddled it on a flat lake and found that it was quick to wander, in Lake Ontario in the more choppy conditions i started to like it more, and then when i got it home to Coastal VA and got it out in the Atlantic i started to really like it.

i weigh 155 and adding enough ballast to hit the 180lb mark lets the chines sink into the water and become engaged eliminating the wandering feel substantially. it edges very well and after one afternoon of deciding to teach myself to roll i was able to get it at least part of the time.

i’ve taken it on a couple of three day camping trips and it loads up fine, not tons of room but i pack light. the hatches have remained perfectly dry and the finish is of the boat seems fine.

i was worried because the layup of the boreal boats does seem a little light but i have had one incident where i was slammed into the edge of a concrete piling suffering only a small gelcoat chip (this could be a testament to kevlar boats being able to flex on impact better than FG) and regularly do surf launches and landings sometimes with not so graceful results.

i have the old rope skeg design that lets you overcome any debris being stuck in the skeg box by yanking on the rope. i think the new knob control is problematic but i like that they’ve switched to an aluminum skeg.

i wouldn’t use this boat for racing or just floating around on a calm lake but for the stuff in between with a lean towards the choppier stuff i think its great.

“Feels Slow” Doesn’t = IS SLOW

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I've read so much crap on these pages about "fast" kayaks, slow kayaks, etc.

For MOST practical purposes, MOST kayaks are fast enough to keep up with the other idiots in the group...

Example: I own a woodstrip Guillemot Night Heron. It's numbers are:

Predicted Drag Speed (knots)
2 2.5 3 3.5 4 4.5 5 5.5 6

0.96 1.45 2.00 2.68 3.69 5.05 7.06 9.89 11.61

Yet I don't "feel" it is any faster than my Solstice GTS (which you guys say is "slow"). Note that the CD GTS wins tons of races...

And my Caribou S is "supposed" to be nearly as fast as my GTS. It is NOT!

Unless you do the speed v. drag comparisons, you might as well not yap, yap, yap! And everything is dependent on your weight, the water conditions, the wind conditions, and your condition anyway...

Get some fast boats and go paddle. Yes, there are some dogs out there, but the Ellesmere is NOT one of themmmmm....


Broze/Taylor for Explorer
2 knots - 0.94

3 knots - 1.96

4 knots - 3.63

4.5 knots - 5.25

5 knots - 7.92

6 knots - 13.98

I’d have to dig out the Sea Kayaker review for the KAPER numbers.