Bulk Bungee? Where to find it help!

Having a hard time finding rolls of bulk bungee for my boats. I use to be able to find it at Home Depot and Lowes Hardware stores. They had big rolls of it and i could cut off what I needed. NOT any more however. They all seem to carry bungee that already HAS hooks on the end and are already cut to specific lengths etc.

I need my own lengths and to add my own end clips (not hooks) also where you finding the clips too?




plug in, “bulk bungee”


http://www.mcmaster.com/ NM

REI has it NM

From the p-net buyers guide
Neocorp is a p-net sponsor:


You’ll be better off using good quality bungee, and I like the kind with reflective threads - it should be more resistant to UV damage than the big box el-cheapo bungee too. They sell bulk overruns also.

Ah’ git mine from CampMor

However you spell it.

Iv’e seen it at lowes or possibly home depot.

Yeah… lowes

Hamilton Marine

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"Maine's Discount Marine Store" -- has online store. Feels better than big box!


West Marine or Boater’s World
both carry it.



read my original post!
Read my original post!

Get the Neocorp!!
I got a couple full sized rolls from them, awesome stuff. Very high quality.

Neocorp Grip-Rite
This bungee is great. It doesn’t slip in your hand like other bungee. It’s not hard to find a paddlesport shops.


How much
How much do you need norm? I can send you some when I send you the CD’s for the topo maps for all of Canada.


Kayak Fishing Gear…

You can order it direct from Neocorp
They often have specials on bungee and deckline, and their customer service is outstanding. Theirs is the best bungee I’ve found. www.neocorp.com

Tom has it.

joe-o- wins generous award!
Heck with all the replys i think i got it covered. i think it best that i check out these places to see exactly what i want.

i like the reflector cord…great for at night when you want to see if the wind blew the boat away…ha

thanks anyway for the offer joe you rock