bulkheads-question from Flatpick thread

Before everyone goes out and drills…
holes in your bulkheads check them very carefully as many boats are vented/drilled at the factory.

Bulging or receding hatch covers…
…are a good indication that a boat needs venting.

I use 1/32" holes

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The only downside I've found to doing so is that the tiny drill bits break easily. However, recycled bits from the electronics industry (used for drilling holes in fiberglass circuit boards) are often available at used/surplus tool stores for peanuts (~10 cents each). I bought a box of 100 1/32" bits for $5.00.

Forget bulkhead blowouts

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It won't ever happen and doesn't happen. The rubber hatches will puff up and all the lid types will just leak. If you have a fiberglas boat, I suggest drilling a tiny hole in the center of the bulkhead which will keep out pressure. P & H boats do that and all glass boats with rubber hatches should. On a plastic boat with rubber hatches, you would probably have to insert a tiny tube that you can buy at hobby shops into the foam bulkhead.

In the early manufacturing days of plastic kayaks, some manufacturer probably put in a foam bulkhead without glue because they wanted to go home on a Friday and it came loose for some paddler and this huge dumb myth started.

i would love to see your shop
mr. nystrom…sounds like a gear haven…gear of all sorts!!!