Buying advice for 1st time kayak purchas

You will love it
and if you don’t, you will be able to sell it without any trouble. That would make an excellent 2nd boat for someone looking for an extended tripping kayak who already owns a smaller day tripping boat.

$1600 some is an excellent price for a well-built Kevlar kayak, and the Current Designs Solstice is a very well-built boat.

Enjoy the boat. You’ll find fall is a lovely time to get out on the water, at least until it gets chillier and you are back here about the clothing you’ll need…


Though someday, you’ll probably want to add a lower volume boat to your fleet, I think you’ve done well. Good score on the GP as well! :slight_smile:

Enjoy your paddling!


Clothing I’ll need and how to best
store the kayak. Actually I’m dealing with the storing issue right now… probably going to hand it on the wall on it’s side with some nice wide straps. But I’m also considering hanging it from pulleys, hull down, using some wide straps. This is probably better suited for a new thread but thought I’d finish my thought before doing so.

Cheap & easy

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If your garage allows this, the cheapest and easiest storage I can think of (especially for tall folks):

Either sideways or hull down - does not matter. One end of the strap is tied to the ceiling eye hook, the other has an S-hook that I just reach-up and unhook to take the boat down directly on the rack of my car (the car with the rack fits under the hung boat and I just need to lower the boat a couple of inches to rest it on the rack).

Don’t waste your money…
See if you enjoy it first. Buy something used and cheap that will be reliable. You may not end up using it as much as you had originally thought. Obviously your going to do what you want but I tend to do that with musical instruments and then I never end using them. I think the same could apply for anything - just make sure you love what your doing before investing a decent amount of money into something.