cameras...again. 4 this time

just a thanks to jhyoung
Thank you for posting about the neoprene cover for the 43WR…just ordered one!

Don’t glue!
I would not glue neoprene to a digital camers - possible to damage the plastic body depending on the type of glue used.

I added some Padz pieces to my Canon WP camera, but a better solution is to go to a Radio Shack and buy a card of “e grips” sold for cellular phones. These are very thin adhesive-backed shapes that add a nice grippable texture to slippery things. I have them on my Canon A60, and love 'em. They can be cleaned with a damp cloth, and can be peeled (carefully) off when needed. About 10 bucks.


I did a battery test on the Pentax…
… and here are the results:

2300 mA MaHa NiMH vs Moby Li-ion RCR-V3, both from Thomas (

I ran the camera on auto, taking a flash shot every 10 seconds or so. The 2300 mA NiMH got to about 1500 shots and the RCR-V3 1100. So, the NiMH’s (these good ones) still win for me. But the rechargeable Li-ion AA form factor are jsut starting to be sold, and we may see better ones over time.

In real life, with a decent but not ridiculous amount of holding focus and reviewing shots (both of which drain the battery) I get in the vicinity of 100-150 shots per charge, maybe half of them flash, on those NiMH’s over an afternoon. I can’t tell you more exactly, but that’s roughly right. I hoped for better, but I guess I’m ok with it.