Can an inflatable kayak be anything

Try an Innova Sunny
I’ve had one for years. It’s a realy good boat. Almost as fast as most 12-13’ sit on tops, tracks well with the skeg and is very stable. All an all, a good kayaking experience.

Has anyone tried the Pakboat Puffin Swift? The specs make it look like a good candidate to be a good paddler: 14’ x 25"

I’m looking for something I can check on the airlines. Since it would be only for travel, I’d rather not spend the major dollars that some of the other performnce IKs cost. If I had unlimited bucks I’d look at the Featehrlight Jet Stream.


Look here:

There forum has a category for pakboats, with lots of comments on the Swift.

Can an inflatable be anything …?
Check out the Sonnet 16 on

Through the years, Tom Yost has designed quite a few folding kayaks. These are serious kayaks that some serious kayakers use in rolling competition and world-class kayaking. Tom has recently designed and made available (for free), plans for an inflatable kayak that he claims is as good a kayak as any folder he has built. I have seen one and it is really neat. It is a greenland style kayak that weighs about 20 pounds and is said to handle like a true greenland kayak in wind, chop, waves, and surf. You can build if for under $300. On, click on “inflatables”

open deck inflatable?
Is there a wash deck inflatable kayak similar to that Sonnet?

That Sonnet looks really nice, though.

Yes it can…
…It’s just a matter of design.

See the Link below for construction details plus comments by builders / paddlers in the “gallery”.

This is not a commercial post as all instruction, drawings, and designs are free.


Walker Bay Airis
I had a chance to check out a couple of the new Airis inflatable kayaks from Walker Bay this weekend. Very nice boats! They can go up to 5 psi and are extremely rigid when inflated. A bit pricey, but lightweight, very portable, and they handle very nicely.

New web site

If anybody is interested, I’ve started a new blog on inflatable kayaks and my experiences with them here:


Innova Inflatable Kayak

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I have been reseaching Innova kayaks here and am interested in the Innova Sunny model. Seems like these inflatable kayaks would be a decent travel solution (i.e. to take on planes etc). Have not bought one yet but am seriously condsidering it.