can you tour with a "wing"?

I guess I should not insult…
the Greenland paddle users.

It is actually a very light weight paddle that has each end looking like a miniature oar and they taper back to a rounded shaft.

Hopefully some of the Greenland paddlers will elaborate a little more or correct me if I described it wrong.



Lendal touring wing
Seakayaker had a review this year on a Lendal that is sort of a crossover wing paddle. Supposed to be better behaved than racing wings for some of the other strokes.

I don’t know anything about it other than that.

You might also note…
… how a GP, wielded by an over weight and out of shape middle aged guy, paced you and your wing for a 13.2 mile race… :slight_smile:

Granted you’re a senior - but you paddle all the time (I’m lucky to get out 3-4 times a month), have done so for many years, in a wider variety of locations, and race a lot (max 3 a year for me), and you have always been very active. Same hull - and you had a lot less displacement to deal with.

Good point about the shape being more complex that that 2x4 comment - and from what I see (joke aside) is much misunderstood. The GP is not just a long skinny Euro. The Holst plans are a good way to get an idea of all the cross section shapes of a Greenland paddle. If someone came up with this now, as a new development, it would be considered a serious advance in the state of the art.

I have noted several jabs…
from you about this almost seventy year old beating you on both different races, and have never replied to them, but perhaps it is time.

First you might want to switch to a wing for this year and we will see how you do. My guess is you won’t have the strength to use a wing for 13 miles.

Second, and I should not give secrets that have been learned with age away, but you might just want to think about not making your move too soon and totally killing yourself!

I am well over the hill now so I expect you can and should beat me this year.



Point was about the paddle and…

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.. a the rest was actually a nod to your superior experience and physical condition if you think about it.

You were ahead both races - notably so on the short course (were your experience at buoy turns and your rudder gained you several yards each round - an advantage not there in the long race). Anyway, not sure how you took any of it as a jab. Just more competitive in nature than I am I suspect.

As far as pacing myself - seems to me you were ahead and I slowly caught up through the long race. As I recall you were a bit surprised to see me pull up alongside with GP. You just made a sprint effort at the end that I didn't match. Out there for fun, nothing more.

Boys will be,


JackL working on it for my new wings.

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Forgot to answer poster's question.

YES .... and there are wing paddles made specifically for long distance touring too.

Will have everything up on site this fall.

Hey Pat…
are you saying that you are working on an adjustable one (length and feather)?

If so please let me know when you have them.

Nanci has been waiting for a smaller wing, but won’t get anything umless it is adjustable.

Epic was supposed to be coming out with a smaller one this fall, but I don’t think they have it yet.


Yep, prototype is here and it is the
nicest, most precise, will-not-break-or-collar-get-lost-only-weighs-one-ounce-needs-just-a-slight-twist-to-tighten-MACHINED-not-molded-part set up out there… just have to sit down and tinker with mandrels a bit … but it IS here. Also just finished up final Smaller Endurance Wing molds … will have up on site in a few days.

…Epics aren’t the only ones
Just so you know, the Fenn and Set 2 piece wings listed above are adjustable (length and feather) and I think the wings Bruce@venturesport sells are too. Here’s a photo of this years US surfski winner using a Fenn adjustable wing: