Canoe identification

Hi folks,

I just picked up a very old, very beat up Blue Hole Canoe. It is about 16 feet, obviously a WW design, and made of some blue plastic that seems thinner and perhaps a bit harder than royalex.

Any ideas on the model and material?

The serial number starts with the letters TRA if that helps.

search for Prowler and compare? NM


See if you can peek at the edge of the
material, perhaps at the ends of the boat. It probably is Royalex. I used to inspect tons of Blue Hole OCAs for the Southeastern WW races, and I never saw a Blue Hole made of anything but Royalex.

Whether an OCA is a “whitewater” design is open to question, but they sure weren’t designed for lakes!

This may work better.


TRA = Trailer boat co in CA???!

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made: Outboards, Open Motorboats, Jon Boats

who makes about the same type of boats and things. Little help there.

Are you sure about the TRA serial number?!


Strange, isn’t it?
that serial number doesn’t seem to be very useful. I think based on dimensions it might be the same as the Starburst that Evergreen is now making.

It also has very odd looking aluminum gunwales and decks. Today I will patch it up, so maybe tommorrow I can see how it paddles!

Serial vs HIN
Turns out I am foolish. The letters I gave you all were from the deck-plate mounted serial number, not the hull mounted HIN, which does start with TBH, as it is a blue hole.

I still don’t know the model. I measured it at about 16’, about 34" beam, 15.5" centre depth and possibly 24" ends measured from the keel line. It is definately royalex (I took the gunwales off).

Starburst or Sunburst?