Canoe- Newbie needs your help

My guess is
that weight will not be as big a factor as room to move. After all you are putting four people in a 14 foot boat.

On the other hand you may be overstating the situation. I have never had more the three in my Osprey 140. Not for lack of room but because of interest. We go to the lake with my extended family and various interests attract different people. Some people want to sit and talk, some read, kids skip stones and the like. Everyone will take a turn in the canoe when they feel like it.

You will fall into a pattern as well.

I bought a 13’ OT Discovery 133K years ago and found that with the addition of a center seat I was able to get myself and two kids in the boat along with all the necessary gear for a several hour trip with no problem. That included fishing gear.

Two adults and two small children was cramped. But you’ll probably find, as I did, that this won’t happen often. And if it does, you can always look for another OT deal!