canoe or kayak for fishing?

Older, bigger guy with lots of canoeing experience just shouts canoe. I have a 17 foot Grumman that I tried to use as a solo fishing boat last weekend and it was a disaster. I also own a SOT (OK Prowler 13) that I use in salt water and a Old Town Dirigo 14 that I use in fresh to recreate with my wife who has a 12 foot version of the same boat.Of all of these I LIKE the Dirigo best. Hers. It’s small enough for small ponds and quick changes in direction and the front deck is close enough to me to be useful (which is not the case on the 14 foot boat. It’s quite a stretch and I have longer than normal arms for my height (5’11"). The Prowler is a tool. I’m going to try it out on the lake this week I think but mostly as a shakedown for the coming Striper season. I’s not that it’s a bad boat for the lake it’s just so…pretentious. And I just don’t feel the “vibe” on it like I do in a canoe or a rec. Kayak. Having said that, my next boat will be a solo canoe. Something that doesn’t have to be “rigged” or “set up”. Just throw my tackle box and cooler in and go. Yes sir. That will be living…

OT Pack?
When I bought my OT Pack, I was pushing 225lb and 5’ 11" and my Pack has worked out great for fly fishing out of. I moved the seat a little forward to completely level it out so that wind doesn’t spin me around and that also increased the stability.

1.5 years and maybe 25 floats and I got no regrets and the thing only weighs 33lbs…at least before I put all my junk in it!

Good luck

Fishing Canoes
Here is a resource on if you are looking for a fishing canoe -

kayak or canoe

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Fishing Kayak

Unknown I’d say find a boat you are comfortable in and fish out of it. Rent some and just go out before you buy. You’ll know which you prefer. We all have different tastes.

Personally I prefer fishing out of my CC than the sot, seakayak or the canoes. I get in the sea kayak and I’m putting on miles. I get in the SOT and I’m going fishing…but that never happens any more. The wife took it over so she can take the dog out.

I have canoe or kayak both. Canoe vs kayak fishing, I think canoe is best. In a canoe , you sit higher, your legs are bent and you can move around easier even stand up if you need to. A kayak uses only a two-bladed paddle, and when not in use it is usually balanced across the cockpit or has to be fastened along the deck.

As always, there’s no ultimate solution, and in the end whatever you are most comfortable with will work.
For me it’s almost always canoe fishing, as If I am not paddling, I get cramped very quick. Sad but true - with higher sitting position it’s bearable at least. Though since I’ve missed the speed control I went with solo canoe (Old Town, 11ft - review here) which is more maneuverable than bigger ones. Also lots of room, for fish bucket + supplies which makes it perfect for camping.

And another thing! Canoe (i.e. open boat) most often gives the option of double or single blading. Which could be crucial if you have any preferences.