Canoe or kayak for Florida Keys

The good thing about the Florida
Key is no matter which direction the wind is blowing, you can always find a place to paddle that is out of it


Not me
I know both of the books.

Our Google site has more trips and launches then the books.

One of the advantages of the Google site is the fact that we constantly add, subtract, and alter the content as necessary. Where once you have the book it is not always up to date.

Note, that we added your info on the Blue run launch at the Rainbow river.

jack L

Sea Kayaking guide books for the Keys
A new publication for Sea kayaking in the Florida Keys is in a digital edition, available on Amazon. It is Dynamic! Title: Sea Kayaking in the Florida Keys - The digital edition. Lots of good infer including up-to-the-minute tides for various put-ins, as well as links for amenities- including places to rent kayaks