Canoe Paddlefloat Reentry ???

Has anyone out there rigged up something for a paddlefloat reentry into their canoe? I would be interested in any suggestions on what kind of paddle hold down rigging you used, where you placed the paddle, and what part of the canoe you reentered. Any info on how reentry is done differently than on a sea-kayak.


Solo reentry in a canoe
I can do it in my tandem, but not my solo. The way I learned is to keep your weight down in the chines, kick hard and roll up into the boat. In my Yellowstone I usually flip it back over. My plan in that boat is to bring someone along to help, or stay close to shore.


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Strap/bungi a longish paddle to the rear thwart. Enter from bow so feet/head are oriented.

A 15 ft canoe strap can be looped over the top grip on the far side of the hull, looped under the hull then draped across the paddle shaft on the near/ swimmer side to form a stirrup as Pete mentions below.

The stirrup length/height can be adjusted with the cam buckle, and the loop under the hull puts downforce on both rails, keeping the hull from tipping as much towards the swimmer.

You might try a stirrup of 1" wide nylon webbing tied in a loop and girth hitched around the paddle shaft.