canoe sailing

Has anybody ever done any canoe sailing? What type of rig did you set up? How did it work?

Where could I get plans for the setup?

Suggestions/warnings appreciated.



There have been some posts
on sailing canoes and links to sailing pages. If you don’t want to search Pnet try a google or yahoo search they will bring up much of what your looking for. You also have Pnet advertisers that sell sailing rigs for canoes. Spring Creek for one

canoe sailing
i’ve been ‘developing’ a sailing canoe off and on for 40 years. if you really want to get into sailing a sunfish, laser, or other dedicated sailboat will sail circles around most sailing canoes. dont misunderstand, i love my canoe and sail it occasionally, but for a lot less effort and probably less money a sunfish will be a better sailboat. heres my canoe

I do
I am an avid canoe sailor. Daytrips, expeditions. We once sailed 150 miles down the lower Missinaibi River to James Bay in Ontarios far north.

I try to get out 1-2x a week for day sails.

After retrofitting open canoes for a couple of years I built a stitch and glue decked canoe.

This summer we are sailing/paddling the Pukaskwa Coast on Lake Superior. Whooah!

I like the balanced lug.

Lots of free online information.

The granddaddy of all is the CheapPages:

Some links
I agree that a used Sunfish makes a better sailing boat and costs less but a sailing canoe is very versitile and so challenging to sail well, that it is a lot of fun.

The ACA website has some links for canoe sailing at:

Also there is a yahoo group and the folks at know a lot about canoe sailing.

As for my boat I made my own rigs from windsurfing gear. My summer mast is a full windsurfer mast with and old style windsurfer sail that doesn’t have any battens. My rig for the other 3 months is the top half of a windsurfer mast with a balanced lug rig that can be reefed to a very small size. I really like my leeboard set up, but I broken most rudder systems I’ve tried so I still steer with and oar or a paddle.

Just Started this Spring
Check out the book Canoe Rig by Todd Bradshaw.

Some pics of my lug rig (green boat) and Hal’s leg o mutton/lanteen(Sand boat).

The yahoo group is at

Lots of good stuff here

Lug Vs Batwing
Hey Hoz, you like your lug better than your Batwing?

I’d love to hear the pros and cons of each as I’m thinking hard about building a bigger sail and am thinking about something like the batwing.

mixed emotions
For wow factor the batwing looks neat. For everyday all around sailing I like my 39 sq ft lug better.

I made a 50 sq ft lug last fall. Had it out twice so far this season. The leech flutters a little. I may haveto install a couple of battens.