Canoe surface repair

Thanks ppine. Is there a gloss enamel you can suggest? And, would that be a spray-on or brush?
FYI… I did not paint over the wordmark and Old Town logos. I applied some watercolor masking liquid. It will peel off.


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Krylon Fusion Clear

I think it looks great the way you have it now. Rub it down with the 303 or the fluid film and get it in the water and have some fun. They get scratched up pretty quick anyway.

I wouldn’t bother to repaint it either but for future reference Pettit EasyPoxy is a brushable paint that produces a gel coat-like appearance.

You can spend as much as you want on paint.
I like Rustoleum Topside a lot. It is easy to get at a home center and does not cost that much, but is durable and highly glossy. The dark green is really good.
Over the years I have used all kinds of paint on canoes. Epoxies, marine enamel, porch paint and even latex house paint. All are satisfactory if the surface is prepared right.