canoe with skirt, use in mild ocean?

Here’s what you need
I saw this guy today:

He was in 1 - 2 foot rollers with long wavelengths - he seemed pretty comfortable. Few other pictures here:

It can be done Jack!
All you need is twin electric pumps and some bags tied in. Of course then there is room for little else in the canoe.

Could be easier than that

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I wrote a post last summer about getting trashed while surfing in my guide-boat. The waves were head-high (I'd lose sight of the distant shore when in the troughs) and they were very steep and close together. I was almost half swamped after getting thrashed, and I thought for sure another wave would finish me off, but what was there to do except try to get going again? I bailed and bailed. And bailed. And bailed some more. And I eventually got the boat emptied out. And in spite of the fact that whitecaps were all over the place, not a single wave came over the side during that whole time. Even when seriously swamped, all I had to do was stay upright and the boat floated right over everything.

That's why I say climbing into a boat that's already been "de-swamped", if it's being steadied by someone in another boat, wouldn't be so hard to do.

Off to the " ocean " for two weeks
Hopefully we won’t have head height short period breaking waves

I’ve had no luck bailing in them while trying to keep a course bow into waves. I lack a third hand

If anyone is on the Ontario Superior coast say. Hi if you aren’t busy with the waves

The conditions this year have been horrific

Have fun Kim
Hope you have a good couple of weeks.