Canoeing near the beach

I’m going on a family trip to Orange Beach, AL, soon and wanted to take the canoe. I don’t plan on getting out on the ocean, but wanted to paddle some of the water on the opposite side of our resort.

I viewed the launch map, but didn’t find anything close to my resort (Phoenix X on the AL-FL line). There are tons of private and corporate docks in the area. I was wondering if anyone had advice on looking for places to launch or asking for access at/near a beach.



Go out early in the morning
The best scouting in a crowded and busy place is very early in the a.m. Get your coffee and look around. And get a tide chart and be cognizant of the tides and their effect on accessibility and strong currents in constricted areas. You don’t want to get out in the bay in a falling tide only to find you can’t get back to the put in 4 hours later.

Local paddle shops or CC
Paddle shop staff, if there are any nearby, can give you that kind of info. If not, try the Chamber of Commerce; even though they probably won’t have specific info, they might provide you with names of other hotels or whatever whom you could contact. Maybe you could offer to pay a fee for the access.

Good idea
Hadn’t though about the tide levels. Thanks!

I just stumbled over the launch site map
under the go paddling tab at the top of this page, while looking at an ad, and wondered if the OP, like me, might have forgotten about it. I just learned about a good spot to throw my boat in the water in the Destin area.